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Overview and Application of Xenon Lamp Aging Testing Machine Equipment


Equipment Overview:

Xenon lamp aging testing machine is a comprehensive climate aging testing machine that can not only conduct climate aging tests, but also conduct light fastness tests on materials to expose polymer materials. Under simulated sunlight. It simulates light, temperature, rainfall, condensation, and humidity to test materials, and can be used to select new materials, improve existing materials, or evaluate changes in material composition. It is divided into air-cooled 2.5KW and water-cooled 6.5K

W with water cooler

Product usage and some industry testing standards:

Lixian Xenon Lamp Aging Test Box is dedicated to providing analysis and testing services for chemical materials such as rubber, plastics, coatings, paints, etc. Its main service items include performance testing, aging testing, composition analysis, formula research and development, etc. This section mainly lists some testing standards for reference in various industries.

Application field:

Widely used in the coating industry, ink and paint, printing and packaging, rubber and plastic, wires and cables, adhesives, automotive parts, metal industry, electroplating industry, electronics industry, medical equipment, civil aviation, universities, research and experimental institutions, commercial inspection and arbitration, technical supervision departments, etc.