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What are the performance characteristics of high and low temperature impact test chambers


The high and low temperature impact test box body is processed and formed using CNC machine tools, with a beautiful and elegant appearance. It adopts a non reaction handle, which is easy to operate. The inner liner of the box body is made of imported advanced stainless steel (SUS304) mirror panel, and the outer liner of the box body is made of A3 steel plate spray molding, which increases the appearance texture and cleanliness. The makeup water tank is located at the bottom right of the control box body and has automatic water shortage protection, making it more convenient for the operator to replenish water sources. The large observation window is equipped with a lighting lamp to keep the inside of the box bright, and the tempered glass embedded in the heating body is used to clearly observe the condition of the box at any time. The humidification system pipeline is separated from the control circuit board, which can avoid faults caused by water leakage in the humidification pipeline and improve safety. The water system pipeline and electrical system are convenient for maintenance and repair. The insulation of the box is made of ultra-fine glass fiber insulation cotton, It can avoid unnecessary energy loss. There is a 50mm diameter testing hole on the left side of the box, which can be used for external testing power or signal lines.

The high and low temperature impact test chamber has a refrigeration compressor. If the temperature does not decrease, it indicates that the refrigeration compressor has malfunctioned. However, ordinary non professional electrical personnel cannot casually disassemble accessories. To avoid secondary damage to the high and low temperature test chamber. Firstly, we need to determine whether the voltage of the compressor is stable. If the contactor connecting the compressor is not engaged, the power supply of the high and low temperature test chamber cannot pass through here. Also, is the wire connecting the compressor of the high and low temperature test chamber broken or not properly connected. Some high and low temperature test boxes still have short circuits during transportation. Determine whether the rated voltage meets the requirements again.