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1. The heating device is a key link in controlling whether the constant temperature and humidity test chamber can rise in temperature.

2. When the controller receives the heating command, it will output voltage to the relay, and there will be approximately 3-12 volts of direct current on the solid-state relay. The AC terminal is equivalent to a wire connected; At the same time, the contactor will also pull in, and there will be voltage at both ends of the heater to generate heat. Then, driven by a circulating fan, the heat will be brought into the box, allowing the test box to warm up.

3. When the temperature is about to reach the set value, the controller adjusts it by loading a solid-state relay on/off.

4. Stable temperature control is achieved by heating through solid-state relays and cooling through the refrigeration cycle of the compressor, achieving a dynamic balance where the temperature can be kept constant.

2、 Cooling capacity

1. The cooling capacity is an important link in the walk-in constant temperature and humidity test chamber, and also an important parameter to determine the performance of the test chamber. It is mainly composed of four parts: compressor, condenser, evaporator, and throttling device.

2. The key in the refrigeration system is the compressor, which sucks in low-temperature and low-pressure gas, turns it into high-temperature and high-pressure gas, condenses it into a liquid to release heat, and then carries the heat through the fan. Therefore, below the testing machine is hot air, which is then throttled to become a collateral liquid. After passing through the evaporator, it becomes low-temperature and low-pressure gas, which then returns to the compressor.

The refrigerant absorbs heat in the evaporator to complete the gasification process. During this process, it absorbs heat and achieves the purpose of refrigeration, thus completing the cooling of the testing machine.

3、 Humidification and dehumidification capabilities

The dehumidification system is also completed through a refrigeration system. The evaporator is placed in a test chamber and is relatively cold. The high humidity gas in the test chamber is pre cooled and condensed into a liquid. After repeated attempts, the high humidity gas in the box will become very low, thus achieving the goal of dehumidification.